Music Badger

Music Badger is designed to be a fast and user friendly alternative to some of the more common Media Player software out there. It uses the same underlying DirectShow technology as Windows Media Player so with the right set of codecs, anything that will play in Windows Media Player should play in Music Badger.

Screenshot 1

So why should I use Music Badger?

Music Badger has been written to try and avoid the most common annoyances people have with the mainstream players out there. If you have a large well tagged Media collection you may find Music Badger is just what you're looking for to navigate it quickly and easily.

Also, I know that media collections often extend past music and include films and TV shows as well. Music Badger is designed with this in mind and puts as much effort into cataloguing videos as it does music.

Finally, Music Badger is still under development, so if there is something you don't like or something you would like to see it do then feel free to leave a post in the forum. Good ideas might just make it into a future version.